NINTENDO 3DS EMULATOR is an Emulator which is developed by our team to emulate all the third generation games.This 3D Emulator will help you play almost every Nintendo 3DS to your PC and Mac.We have tested this emulator on man games like Pokemon,Mario,legends of Zelda etc. and only after that we are releasing it for you.

Features of Nintendo 3DS emulator:

1.  It can emulate any 3DS game of Nintendo.
2. It is Portable and easy to use.
3. There is a help feature in the tool to help you outcome any problem.
4. The Emulator is able to work with any game controller device and also with Keyword and mouse.

How to install and Use the 3DS emulator:

1. Download the file by clicking the download now Button.
2. Unzip the Zip file.
3. For windows use the .exe version
4. For Mac use the .app version
5. Install and enjoy Nintendo 3DS gaming on  your PC/Mac.

Now what are you waiting for download and enjoy 3D gaming of Nintendo Games.